As he was fasting & praying with Rev Dr David Raj his spiritual Father and as the chain prayer increased in tempo the Spirit of God came down in the form of a ball of fire which he gulped down his throat and he spoke in tongues. He remembers moaning in the spirit and saying Oh! Nineveh
Oh! Nineveh!
After speaking for a few minutes in tongues and as he knelt down and touched the Bible placed before him with his forehead and as he was rocking to and fro his forehead got stuck to the bible he saw a vision of someone sucking a warm fluid from a Bible shaped old silver box. After sucking the entire contents of the box and filling his head he came free.
As the pastor came forward and laid his hand and prayed that he be anointed in the name of Jesus go spoke to him commanding him to move away as God said He didn’t want the intervention of a human hand between HIM and ‘my son’. Being obedient to the command of God, Rev Dr David Raj removed his hand & moved away & changed his prayer to Anoint him in the name of Jesus upon which Br Sam saw a vision of a brilliant light coming down from heaven and the moment the light fell on him he was slain and fell as a dead man for more than 20-30 minutes.
On regaining consciousness he began to have a thirst for things of God and started pouring over the scriptures night and day!
Three years after being discipled by Rev Dr P Yesupadam, Br Sam was in 1996 led by the Spirit of God to fast and on the 40th day it was revealed to him that he has to start a new worship.
On a trip to a small village God spoke about naming the ministry Golden Harvest and the Spirit of God came down as he was preaching the word of God, upon the congregation & prophecies were uttered about the ministry to be birthed.