60th Birthday Celebrations

My wife joins me in thanking all of you, especially the members of my Church for the Thanks Giving program to celebrate my 60th birthday arranged adroitly by the Church,for your generous contributions and for your warm wishes under the leadership and initiative of SamKumar!
Thank you!
I was praying that this would be a good excuse to invite my sister,her family,my brother-in- law’s family who consider me a failure and who don’t really know the love & power of Jesus and what He does in and through a person!
They heard the gospel in rapt attention and I was in tears when they went to the Man of God RevKrupaRao for prayer!
The Lord sent His Spirit and His Servants RevKrupaRao and Rev DavidRaj to be with me that day.
If not for the large heartedness of RevDrSudhir who opened his church for us to use that day the program wouldn’t have been so Spirit led.

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