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Dr. S. Sushma Raj

Worship Leader & Spiritual Singer
She is blessed with a wonderful voice and coupled with a very strong Anointing. She is led by the Spirit of God to lead worship. You have to be a participant in the high Octane Praise & worship led by her to get closer to Jesus and be convicted to agree! She’s a Masters in English and is presently a Professor teaching English in the prestigious GITAM university. She has submitted her Thesis for Doctorate in English
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Dr. S. Sam Kumar

Youth Counselor & Interpretator
Br Dr. S.Sam Kumar is gifted with the gift of interpretation and deserves a space for himself because of what God has done in his life. He is Director in an NGO helping them to introduce technology to underprivileged children in Government and Rural schools.
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Mrs S.A.Mani

Asst Pastor & Prayer warrior
She was born to a very devout Christian woman and a very upright police officer.Being the 5th of 6 children she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal saviour even when she was a young college student.She married after much prayer when God confirmed to her to marry this particular man. Though her husband was a worldly man she never nagged him about his lack of religiosity but kept praying for his salvation.She very gracefully and faithfully went through life’s turmoils which she was subject to due to her husbands idiocy. She prayed for conception when The Lord prophetically gave her two lovely children.Being in ministry for the last 22years and accompanying her husband for ministry she has also travelled to Malaysia & Singapore and is the most blessed amongst her siblings She’s not only a prayer warrior but she assists in the ministry as an Asst Pastor.
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Associate & percussionist
He is a gifted drummer and God ‘trains my hands for war and my fingers for battle’. As his fingers fly and hands move over the percussion instruments of cymbals and drums the devil flees as the Almighty is exalted. Joel has a Bachelors Engineering Degree & MS Degree
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